I'm Dustin "DilliNGER" Templeton, from Indianapolis, IN. I've been writing, and recording music since before 2001. I started taking it serious when i joined the rap group "Street Life Cartel". We recorded and released 4 home studio projects together before going on our own ways around 2009. Soon after i started recording solo material, and have since released 6 full length projects. I produced the last 2. (CHPT 9 & THE SAGA)


Doe Boi - Hurtin Feelins (mixtape) 2012
Doe Boi - Bendin' Blocks 2013
Doe Boi - Cymatics 2014
Doe Boi - Left Field (mixtape) 2015
Doe Boi Dillinger - Chapter 9 / Note to Self - 2016
DilliNGER - The Saga Continues - As Avove / So Below (double disc) - 2018

I've done a lot of shows in Indianapolis, IN (Claude & Annies West, Emerson Theater, etc...)
Also done a handful of shows in Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA; and Minneapolis, MN; in similiar small venues / clubs. Opening up for greats, including Do Or Die, Krayzie Bone, and Khujo Goodie.

Jump - MP3 / YouTube
Said & Done - MP3 / YouTube
Sine Wav - MP3 / YouTube
Starved - MP3 / Youtube
Amen - MP3 / YouTube

FaceBook - Doe DilliNGER
InstaGram - @FatherSonSelf
YouTube - Doe DillINGER




( in chronological order )

"Autumn Vibes"
Featuring SongWriters & GunFighters

  "All Titans Fall"


"Way Out"

"The Word"



"Up Side Down"

"The Other Side"


"Long Haul"

"All Over Again"


"End of the World"

"Left Field"

"Everything's All Right"